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Hello!  Welcome to..  Thoughts from The Mind Forest.

This section of my website is a collection of my thoughts.  Here you will find a variety of topics that I would like to share.  So.. Who am I?  I am a computer geek and an artist who works with multimedia.  I call myself a multimedia developer.  I could however be a robot.

I could also call myself an interactive multimedia developer, but I think in saying I am just doing ‘interactive’ multimedia is narrowing it down too much just a bit.   ;) A lot of people are not sure what I mean when I say I create multimedia, since it is such a broad term.  Essentially, I work with drawings, illustration, animation, 3D models, video filming/editing, foley, special effects, audio design, music production, web site design and much more.

Wow.  That is a lot of shtuff!  I know…  I would have a ton of job titles if I broke it down, but the title of multimedia developer seems to make sense to me since I am often doing multiple things in each project I do.  Does this mean I am some sort of expert?  I do not have the mentality that I know everything about anything, in fact I am very inclined to admit I know very little quite often.   We are all experts about some things I guess though in some ways, and we are all ignorant of other things in other ways.

The reason I got into working with digital multimedia on the computer was because my ultimate goal is blending my computer generated imagery with film and audio to tell interesting, entertaining stories.   I’ve often thought about working in the video games industry and I have messed around with some games by making mods, using level designers, making and integrating custom models, etc.  So I have a bit of interest in how to make games and how they work.  I have made a few simple 2D games on my own which are kind of cool I think, but I lack the more complex understanding of game programming knowledge to take it as far as I would like.  I have quite a few ideas for games I have developed, but they are of a greater scope than I could accomplish on my own and do them justice.

I have spent a lot more time working with video and filming than in the past and all the time I am gaining ground on achieving my goals, but it has taken a long time to get to this point where I am in making progress.  In the creative world of digital multimedia I have learned that you can be sure of constant set backs and unknown variables consistently ruining your day.   Software and hardware crashes are inevitable.  Long hours of frustration and confusion are inevitable.

Besides always wanting to pursue my studies in multimedia and art, I used to want to take a path in acting when I was a teenager.  I studied in the theater program and  I  have many fond memories of it.   Even though there are so many things I liked about acting, I was always thinking about how awesome it would be to create stories through film or animation.  I was already spending much of my free time teaching myself about computers and 3D animation before I got into acting and I was extremely fascinated with learning all about 3D.   In College I studied interactive multimedia and since then I have worked with digital media professionally for more than ten years.

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