Microbe Life – Simple A.I. game is now online..

Check it out.. I was working on this fairly simple A.I. game many years back, so I might as well put it up here for people to have a look because I think it is pretty neato and some friends out in the world might enjoy checking it out. I made all the graphics/animations, did the programming, and I also made the music too.. Fun! :D

The A.I. life in this game is about as basic as A.I. can get I suppose.. They just try to eat each other and after a certain number of hostile viruses are consumed by the other, the victorious are declared. As the doctor you get to inject luminance genes, adrenaline, and aggression to change the behavior of your microbes. There are also options to change the shape form, color, and transparency.

When your microbes are designed, or automatically designed randomly by hitting the randomize button, you pick which one you think will be the predicted winner of the battle and let them loose on each other. At this point, you do still have some degree of influence over the battle because your cursor acts as a probe that pushes the microbes away.

This isn’t the finished version of the game, rather it is more like an unfinished alpha version because none of the actual game play was fleshed out very much. There were some bigger plans for this game back when we thought Flash would go on the iOS mobile devices before the first iPhone hit the market, but after Apple excluded Flash devs like a bunch of a-holes the game was rapidly abandoned logically. It will probably never get finished at this point since the project is abandoned but it is still interesting to check out..

Game link below..

Microbe Life

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