My very first FPS game is online..

Might just be my last… Haha. Who knows. There are some that came before and after. Someday I’d like to make something else like this again, but a lot better and a lot more fun. Maybe one where you are shooting evil aliens and robots? Yeah!

So anywho let me be honest in that this is not exactly a true FPS, more like a 2D target practice game, lol. However, I modeled and animated an awesome gatling gun for your weapon. Shoot the static targets, it is a little bit of a challenge to get a #1 ranking for each round. Try it out!! I was able to do it but it takes a few times to practice the timing.

My favorite part about this game was that I was able to figure out the drawing api thing in Flash, so firing the weapon leaves a trail where you are spraying your bullets on the wall. Neat-o! Draw a smiley face with hot lead spray. It also helps you to see how accurately you are moving from target to target.

Soldier of KROM
This game won’t work on iOS mobile devices ( iPad, iPhone, iPod ).. Sorry!!

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